Just the other morning a friend and I stretched our legs for an early morning walk through the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge here in Concord. As I sometimes do (and as you see here) I took a picture.

Known as “Great Meadows” since the 17th Century, the wetlands conservation area has been managed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service since 1944.  Not that I noticed much activity, human or otherwise, with the thermometer hovering around 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Still it was the kind of outing that enables you to reach the conclusion that life is full of possibilities.

If I had been able to apply a theme song it could well have been this short melody by Ron Sexsmith who, as you may recall, was born on just such a January day as this one in 1964, in the Southern Ontario town of St. Catherine’s.  After garnering a reputation as “The One Man Jukebox” in his late teens he moved to Toronto, where he formed a band called The Uncool and began to write his own songs.

Although his first cassette, “Out of the Duff” was commercially released in 1985, the name Ron Sexsmith remains decidedly obscure here beneath the 49th Parallel, his chances of becoming an overnight sensation diminishing with ever year.  It remains our good fortune that he still labours on.

“Spriritude” is the first track from Sexsmith’s eleventh album (he has since released two others) in 2008, “Exit Strategy of the Soul”.


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